Income (Aaye Varga) and its Importance in Indian Marriages

The Indian culture is taken into account the richest culture within the world. Indian philosophy and spiritualism attracts the total world. Indian star divination or sacred text star divination may be a a part ofIndian tradition. The term ‘Jyotish’ means that lightweight, i.e. star divination is that the lightweight by thatpast, gift and future is seen.

The kundli that is that the most vital a part of sacred text star divination is needed to get info regardingevery and each facet of human life. in line with the Indian tradition, before fixing a wedding the kundlis of the bride and groom area unit completely assessed so their future life remains peaceful and compatible.

In North Republic of Indian pseudoscience technique kundli matching is finished by Ashtkoota whereas in South India it’s done by the Beeskoota. The Aay Vargh is one in all the vargh of Beeskoota. Here during thisarticle we are going to discuss regarding the Aay Vargh and its importance whereas matching kundlis of would be marriage.

The Aay Vargh is important think about this matter as a result of it shows the financial gain of a family post wedding. primarily in Northern Bharat the Aay Vargh is decided within the Vaastu of a a family, i.e. once a family purchases a replacement house then once the Griha Pravesh is over soothsayer determines the Aay Vargh and predicts what is going to be the financial gain level of the members of the family.

But in step with South Indian pseudoscience methodology the Aay Vargh is decided whereas matching the kundlis of the boy and therefore the lady. There area unit eight forms of Aay Vargh. They are, Dhwaj, Dhoom, Singh, Kukkut, Vrish, Khar, Gaj and Kak.

These eight Aays area unit placed serially within the eight direction beginning right-handed from east direction from Ashwini three times. The remaining three nakshatras area unit established in Dhwaj, Dhoom and Singh. once this the nakshatras of the bride and groom’s area unit matched.

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Astrologers say that there’ll be a chaotic relationship between the couple if the husband and wife’s birth nakshatras fall on the Aay Varghs that ar five homes aside from their nakshatras. In Northern India the Aay Vargh follows constant system of Vargh Enmity as a result of the fifth Vargh is enemy to the Varghs of the husband and better half. That’s why the fifth Aay is additionally maleficent.

While matching kundlis for wedding purpose if it seems to be maleficent then the couple might have stresses and conflicts between them in their married life. star divination says that the road within the Aay Vargh has two enemy nakshatras on its two points that creates difficulties in connubial life. however it’s auspicious for the couple if the nakshatras leave the two ends of the road and settles in another line. The diagram on top ofcan assist you to grasp the Aay Vargh.

By Astrologer in India :   Vedant Sharmaa




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